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All balloon garlands are completely customizable with your choice of colors. 

Statement balloons are “stand out” balloons, jumbo, foil or mylar that make your garland even that more special.  Additional statement balloons and accessories available starting at $10 per item.

The Beauty Queen

The Beauty Queen is our most popular garland? It is 12′ – 13′ of garland with three statement balloons included.

This balloon garland is the perfect size for larger outdoor entryways. It also looks perfect on stairwells and over larger fireplaces.

Additional statement balloons and/or strands of garland can be added if you need to make a bigger impact!



The Prom Queen

The Prom Queen is our standard balloon garland. This includes 8’ – 10’ of garland with two statement balloons included.

This balloon garland works best for smaller outdoor entry ways without a tall clearance area. It is also great for indoor installations over windows, dining areas, bedrooms and smaller fireplaces.

Additional statement balloons may be added if two is just not enough!


Little Sister

The Little Sister is just that, the littles of our balloon garlands. This includes 6’ – 7’ of garland with one statement balloon.

Sometimes, this little sis is all you need to make a big statement!

Add-ons are always available (as shown in photo).


Our Little Sister balloon garland will fit in most mid-size SUVs, making it available for pick-up and self-installation!


See Our Other Services

Helium Balloons

We can provide full-scale helium services, including custom clusters, latex, and foil balloons.

 Clusters start at $50.

Table Top Décor

We offer centerpieces and other tabletop décor to compliment all your party needs!

Starting at $65

Single order pick up starting at $50

Custom Creations

Do you have an idea for something fabulous? Send us your inspiration photos. Each custom balloon piece will be quoted on an individual basis.

Fun Stuff

Our “Fun stuff” balloons include balloon arches, hoops with balloons formed any way you’d like, frames, and balloon walls. Each is free-standing and completely customizable!

Contact us for a quote!

Statement Balloons & Accessories

You can choose from numbers and letter balloons, to animals and cartoon character balloons!
Obviously, you want your creation to make a statement! Accessory items can also be added to garlands, including greenery, florals, tassels, or fringe. Unable to decide? We’ll choose for you to fit your theme!  Some statement balloons are included with each garland.
Additional statement balloons start at $10.  

Note: All prices include delivery. Please see our Product and Service Statement for more details.