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I’ve been in the business of providing “fun” my whole life. I served the public in the Parks & Recreation arena for many years. I’d say I was pretty good at it. Ballooning seemed like the perfect next step in my love of helping people have FUN!

Why the name Puffed Up? Simple. Because marshmallows shouldn’t be the only thing that puff up!

Puffed up about

Meet the Team

Puffed up about


I’m the HBIC (Head Balloonie in Charge). I like bright colors and making people feel special on their special day. My typical day consists of Crossfit, golf, hanging out on my back patio, and ballooning!

I’m a die-hard fightin’ Texas Aggie and I say “Whoop” a lot. My roots are in New Mexico, so I have an appreciation for beautiful sunsets and spicy Mexican food. Some people say I have too many shoes. I say “Nonsense!”

Puffed up about
Puffed up about


I’m the muscle behind this operation, also known as the Head Inflation Engineer. I’m up before the sun, drinking a hot cup of black coffee and lining out our day.

I love to play golf and watch any kind of live sports. I like that I can blow up balloons and watch TV at the same time. Folks say I can grill a pretty mean steak. After all, practice makes perfect!


I’m the tech guru of the crew, but I really like to consider myself the Manager! I work in the Oilfield industry full-time, so balloonin’ is my side hustle. I am a lover of reality TV, Koda Crossfit Native, and constantly redecorating my home.

I enjoy sippin’ on a nice glass of red wine as I watch my team work their balloon magic – while I post on social media, of course. I’m your typical millennial, and my dog is my baby. It is what it is. BOOMER SOONER!

Puffed up about

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